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What we do

Male Domestic Abuse Therapeutic Support

Our male domestic abuse service is focused on recovery and is designed to provide a person-centred blend of Therapeutic, Advocacy, Advice and Link-Worker/Signposting support activities.

support for males

Therapeutic support to males who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse

Our 1 to 1 appointment slots are available with our therapeutic advisors who offer a non-judgemental listening ear, emotional support, advice and guidance as well as sign posting to other support agencies if necessary.

Face to Face appointments in our PLF Hub

Virtual online appointments

Telephone appointments

How we can help

Person-centred support

Our version of person-centred is that we support the clients with whatever their presenting issues are.

We support males for as long as their presenting needs still exist however, we do not build dependency but equally we don’t act in a modular way to say there is a set amount of sessions.

1-to-1 support

What our sessions cover

Understanding domestic abuse and its impact on mental health and wellbeing

Recognising characteristics of healthy/unhealthy relationships

Resilience building, understanding trauma & triggers.

Understanding the impact of domestic abuse on children

How to set healthy boundaries

Managing physical and emotional wellbeing

Managing Self-esteem

Moving on

How else we can help

Male Domestic Abuse Peer Support Group and Legal Support

Males who are experiencing domestic abuse, or who have left an abusive relationship, can meet up and speak with likeminded males for peer support, as well as speaking to our therapeutic advisors. Clients feedback that being able to speak to therapists, and peers who have come out of abusive relationships acting as a mentor is a powerful and fundamental part of their recovery.

We offer support for any males who require legal advice in relation to domestic abuse or child contact issues. We work closely with our legal partner, a local solicitor company, that specialises in family law.

Need support?

If you or someone you know or work with needs support, or if you’d just like to find out more about how we can help, please get in touch today.

How else we can help

Campaigning, Awareness Raising and Eradicating Stigma

The PLF has a very extensive network of supporters who were all fiends of Paul Lavelle. It’s this network of family and friends that continues to campaign and raise awareness to male domestic abuse through various fund-raising activities and events. We strive to eradicate the stigma involved with males speaking out about domestic abuse and mental health and wellbeing concerns in general.

How else we can help

Healthy Relationship Education Workshops

The PLF endeavours to educate in characteristics of healthy relationships and anti-abuse. We deliver a variety of workshops in schools, colleges and the workplace.

How else we can help

‘FYP’ – For You Project

‘FYP’ is a programme, run by The Paul Lavelle Foundation, in conjunction with The Light House Centre, which aims to support young people between the ages of 10 – 18 years, who have experienced domestic abuse.

How else we can help

Support groups and aspiration raising coaching

Community activity support groups are run weekly by The PLF from various locations on Wirral. Cycling, running, swimming and walking groups are open for all to attend with the intention of setting new goals, raising aspirations to achieve and accomplish new challenges.

The groups are a safe place to speak out and seek advice about domestic abuse as well as any other mental health and wellbeing concerns.

Need support?

If you or someone you know or work with needs support, or if you’d just like to find out more about how we can help, please get in touch today.